27 May

If you like molding, then you need to find the best polymer material that will make it easy. There are companies who have come up with a unique product line that allows you to shrink three-dimensional molded products without compromising on details and quality. The expanding material is usually water-activated, and the molded product can be expanded to 161% and reduced to about 55 to 85% by soaking it in water.

Identify a company that makes expanding material like the hydrospan that can be used by architects, prototype makers, artists or anyone who wants to change the original product without losing its dimensional integrity. Purchasing the product is essential since they have unique components such as for Lutheran elastomeric compound. Expanding your molded product can be easy since you have to use it hydro sponge, which will form a rubber master. The molded product at http://www.industrialpolymers.com will be complete if it's in the water at room temperature for 24 hours.

If you want the expanding molding material products to expand, then you should only soak the product in room temperature water, which will be at least 61% larger than the original part. If you want full expansion, then it takes about two weeks, but that will depend on the cross-section thickness of the mold. You have to fully prepare the expansion material by placing it in uncured polymer but remove any waxes and release agents with mineral spirits or acetone.

If your parts are molded into a silicone mold, then you do not have to soak it or prepare it. Is the materials that too quickly then it shows liquid components were too warm before you use them so you can condition the liquid to about 72°F. If you notice an even color, then it shows the color did not disperse entirely so you can mix color in component A before adding component A.

Moisture contamination leads to surface bubbles so the surface should be dry before application. Find good companies which will help find the best expanding material so you will not redo the whole molds all the time. You have to clean the cured parts with acetone so the cured hydrospan won't expand because there is a mold release agent on the surface. You have to mix all the ingredients evenly to avoid sticky spots and look for molding material from different industry polymer companies. The company will give you details about other products which will be useful for your molding project. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDzwut8lU3I for more info about industrial coating.

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